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Here's a clip from my song "Sometimes I Wonder" that I wrote in 1999 about the age old question: how do you find the right guy?  I would love to hear it in some sweet romantic comedy.  What do you think?  Paul and Brenda Hoffert kindly provided the recording,  Jessica Luckett her beautiful voice.  

These days I tend to write children's songs.  Here are just a few of mine that I've recorded on youtube:

"It is Beddiebye Time" is a bedtime Lullaby I wrote,  sung by the talented Sophie Gwartney.  Don't trust those bright big eyes trying to convince you otherwise - this child needs to go to sleep!

"Cara's Fussy Time Lullaby" will give you a much needed laugh if you have a fussy baby, (which is just about every new parent at some point!)

My "Mommy Milk song" is a fun celebration of human mommy milk.  It celebrates breast milk's wondrous power of healing, bonding, protection and comfort. 

My family met Peter Yarrow, (of Peter, Paul and Mary), after one of his concerts.  My daughter sung for him a song I had written to help her respond to being teased about being different.  Peter asked us to record it and send it to him.  The song is: "I Like Red Pepper", sung here by young Evalynn Hepburn.   It is on the Kids' Corner of Peter's Operation Respect website.

I also have songs on messy eating, hiccups, (mis)communication and, of course, many more lullabies.  I hope to share more soon.   I'm not a great singer so my songs sound so much better sung by other people.   That also means you don't have to be afraid to sing along!    

Other Children's Music Recommendations:

Newborn by Sara Hickman.  My kids and I love this relaxing CD.  Sara has an incredible voice and her Hush Little Baby with words by Sylvia Long is especially sweet.

For upbeat songs,  the kids still love to sing along with Raffi.  He's famous for Baby Beluga and so much more.

I also enjoy singing my kids songs from musicals.  Peter Pan has some wonderful lullabies including Tender Shepherd, Distant Melody and Never Never Land.  

Happy Singing!

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