I'm a mom.  I'm a children's books writer.  I'm a song writer.  I'm a little Teapot.  
See, everything these days comes back to being a mom.  My husband and I have two children who are too smart for our own good.  They have taught us about unconditional love and uncontrollable mess.

Prior to having children and starting Cara'bout you, I received a BA, Summa Cum Laude, Phi Beta Kappa from Princeton University and an MBA with distinctions from Harvard.  I worked in Strategy consulting with Deloitte and then McKinsey and spent five years as communications manager for BP Solar.   With actor Edward Norton, I started the BP Solar Neighbors Program™.  Brad Pitt,  Carlos Santana,  and Robin Williams  are a few of the dozens of celebrities who joined, purchasing solar electric systems and helping low income families.

How did I get the name for my website?  Before I was born, my parents picked the name Cara for me.  This was a

problem.  Not the one my parents worried about – that kids would nickname me "Car".   Parents worry about strange 

things, don't they?  

The problem my parents did not anticipate, is that for the longest time I wouldn't be able to pronounce my Rs. 

 Meeting new people was particularly difficult.

"What's your name?"



"No Cawa, with an aw."

"Hi Caw-aw."

 Explaining that my name is pronounced like "Caw about you" got the message through to those I valued.  I can say my name correctly now.  

Welcome to Cara'bout you™!   

X,O, Cara

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Kids meet Lexter after one of my story readings. 

Kids meet Lexter after reading

From my days running the Solar Neighbors Program: 

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