Mixed-up Lexter

Lexter has a problem.  He crows "Cock-a-doodle-don't".  In his quest to be "normal" he learns that different can be outstanding.

Here's what early reviewers are saying:

"Mixed-up Lexter is fresh and funny on two levels - for children and for adults." - Paulette Bourgeois, best-selling author of Franklin the Turtle


It is amazing how Kaye, (age 5), always looks forward to the story every evening.  Seeing her emotions, from laughter to sympathy, towards the "different" rooster and how this difference makes her face glow by the end is unbelievalbe.  Hongera!  (congratualtions in Swahili)" Rose Ogego, wife of Kenyan Ambassador

"When I first became aware of the book entitled Mixed-up Lexter , I was instantly struck by the comparison to students with whom I have worked over the years who were bright and creative but who learned differently from others. Helping them get beyond their negative impressions of themselves to see all that they could be is a challenging but critically worthwhile endeavour.
The tale of Lexter was amusing as well as meaningful.

When I shared this with our 2 grandchildren, they instantly identified with Lexter and how he became a hero. The 6 year old said that Lexter was like one of his best friends at school who sees numbers backwards. The 2 year old wanted to know what a rooster was. When her older brother said that it was a daddy chicken, my grandaughter decided to rename the book "Lexter the mixed up chicken rooster"!  The children are always asking for more stories about his adventures.

Last week, after making up a story the previous night about Lexter stopping a little girl and boy from running out on the dock without their life jackets on, the littlest one stopped us from going in the boat until she was assured that we would all put on lifejackets because as she said - we would make Lexter very sad if we did not!

Not many books can make this kind of impression and present a lesson of valuing others in such a lighthearted and humourous way. "Chicken rooster" or not, Lexter is now part of our family and I fully recommend this book to both (grand)parents and kids alike."   - Professor Kathleen Macdonald, York University


"As a primary grade teacher and a mother, I have read thousands of books aloud to kids. Books can be picked for many reasons, instructional purpose, help in identifying with a particular issue or problem, important lessons, or just plain entertainment. I have come to easily identify which books work and which books don't. Cara's Mixed-up Lexter WORKS! On so many levels this book is simply fantastic! The story flows, it keeps you guessing and predicting, it keeps you laughing and it leads into important discussion and reflection following the story. What a wonderful moral for children." - Christie Lucchesi, school teacher

Mason, (age 4), and I have been singing “Row, Row, Row Your Boat”, and then for the last word we make up something different - like we will both say our favorite fruit.  So we sing, "life is but a.....peach/cherry."  On the way home today he laughed and said, "We are mixed up like the rooster!" Miriam Turner, Office Manager, St. Matthew's Episcopal Church


"Cara is a creative writer who understands children and how they think.  Her whimsical tales engage readers and personal warmth is translated into characters who come alive. Adults and children can relate to her messages while enjoying smile-inducing plots." - Sheri Brown, Preschool Director, The Rosie Uran Jewish Education Center

"I will add Mixed-up Lexter to my 'must-read' books for preschoolers.  As a special education teacher working with special needs children in typical preschool settings, it will be a valuable tool! " Candace Hayes MS, Early Childhood Special Education (Child Find - US Office of Special Education Programs)

"I laughed out loud while reading Mixed-up Lexter.  Cara's books are creative, entertaining and a joy to read.  As a mother, I would recommend her books to anyone with children." - Leslie Kask, CPA


"Every child with dyslexia should read Mixed-up Lexter." - Dr. Janine Rethy, MD, MPH, Town Pediatrics

"Delightful and humorous!  Great use of repetition and patterning, two traits young children love in story.  The events flow and transition effortlessly.  The conclusion has a surprising and satisfying twist.  It truly is a joyful story!" - Elizabeth Giles, NBCT, Instructional Mentor, (teacher of teachers), Sandy Searles Miller Academy, Las Vegas

See a short excerpt of Cara reading Mixed-up Lexter during a classroom story time:  Lexter clip on Youtube

Mixed-up Lexter  Guide for Teachers, Librarians and Home Schoolers:
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