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Cara'boutYou™ Picture Story Books
by Cara Eisenberg

Cara'bout You Books are written on two levels, to appeal to the 3 to 8 year-old and also make parents laugh.  Readers have compared Cara's stories to those of Mo Willems, Ian Falconer, and Doreen Cronin.

Mixed-up Lexter

Lexter has a problem.  He crows "Cock-a-Doodle-Don't".  In his quest to be "normal" he learns that different can be outstanding.
"Not many books can make this kind of impression and present a lesson of valuing others in such a light-hearted and humorous way."  Professor K. MacDonald.
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See short clip from a classroom story time
The Piggy Bank Afraid of Change
Change can be scary, especially for Penny, whose clinking money makes her think something is following her.  In a misguided effort to lose her pursuer, Penny finds courage to try new things, with surprising results.

"Evalynn" sketch by Mel Keefer

When Evalynn Learned to Talk
Evalynn is learning how to say everything... except MAMA!  This true story, written in rhyme, will have children and parents laughing together.

Evalynn Does NOT Want to Go

Evalynn has a mind of her own and it is made up:  Evalynn does NOT want to go.  This amusing manuscript has parents exclaiming, "That's my child!"

"Cara is a creative writer who understands children and how they think.  Her whimsical tales engage readers and personal warmth is translated into characters who come alive. Adults and children can relate to her messages while enjoying smile-inducing plots." - Sheri Brown, Preschool Director RUJEC 

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